…when you listen to your app



wiww 22photo

…and ignore the lovely sunny morning that’s outside your window.  because when it says there’s a 40% chance of rain and you’re in Wales…chances are it’s going to rain!  and that’s exactly what it’s doing out there right now.

so a 40% chance of rain and still catching up on sleep following the meteor showers the other night {we were out til 2am and i tossed and turned for hours afterwards…pretty sure i said hello to 4.30am}…today asked for comfy clothes.

by comfy clothes i mean vest top {h&m}, jeans {topshop}, boots {bullboxer, which i’ve had a long time and they have seen better days…but i can’t part with them!} and bangles.  i typed bangles? i’ve never called them that before?!  weird.  i mean bracelets.  anyway, i’m wearing my pandora one and the other two were given to robb and alfie while we were in ibiza, but seeing as they don’t wear them, i do.  and i found alfie’s on the floor this morning, which means finder, keeper!  and their initials on them means i love them even more.  so yeah, they’re mine now.  diolch, bois.

paul says i’m getting just too obsessed with my iphone, he’s probably right i’m not sure, but what i do know is that the iphone 5 is da bomb!…and i can’t put it down.  it’s ridiculous.  but probably proof that if i hadn’t checked it this morning for the weather forecast, i would have cold toes now as i was thinking of wearing my wedges.  so there!

{i haven’t checked it in 2 minutes.  it’s killing me!…joke…kind of}


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