somethings #2


something i read: beautiful words carved into this equally beautiful bench in memory of a gorgeous, bright young lady.  in the words of harry potter ”after all to the well organised mind, death is but the next great adventure’.

something i watched: a very good friend get up and say lovely and kind words to those of us who gathered to celebrate the life of her daughter and the bench which has been donated in her memory and sits down by the village river.  how the hell she got up there and said what she did in front of everyone, i have no idea.  she is truly amazing.

something i wore: smudged mascara because of the above.  and a big cheesy grin when i arrived home because of too much wine in the pub following our gathering at the bench…on a school night too! but when i’m out with these ladies…it’s just too hard to say no.  end of.

something i listened to: gossip, giggles, big belly laughs, someone’s child repeating the word ”knob” {not funny…but oh so funny!}, ”shall we just have one more bottle?”, more gossip and “i really should go after this one…”, which leads me to

something i can’t live without: the lovely ladies who were all there wednesday evening.  love you all.  i’ve just tried looking for a phot of us all together…and the results were quite hilarious!  we are all either a) rather drunk or b) one of us missing!  we need to sort this out ladies!

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