monday musings



Hia, hello and shw mai?!  it’s been a great weekend of mini, mini holidays and a family get together.  doesn’t get much better than that really.  so here goes, nothing like a bit of brain emptying to start off a monday morning:

* i wish we lived nearer the sea…throwing stones into the sea kept alf occupied for a lot longer than i thought it would, imagine the reading i could get done during that time!

* what is it with men?!  on one male colleague’s return to work following paternity leave, whilst congratulating him, another male colleague was all like ”well, you look great anyway!”…err…HE DIDN”T PUSH THE BABY OUT!!!…

* i do this thing, when i phone Paul at work and he answers. i always ask ”are you ok to talk?” and he always answers with ”cer, i’m not going to answer if i’m hanging off a turbine now am i?!”…{he works on the maintenance of wind turbines}…i know that, but what if me phoning him causes him to fall off…oh stop it brain, stop it!

* you know you’re getting on when you’re sat on the sofa knitting away and get excited over the great british bake off advert…

* a friend of mine has actually bought her first christmas present…in august!!  august!! this is before i had bought robb’s birthday present…which is in august!

* eating soup from a mug with alfie, sat by the back door…it’s the simple things in life at times, isn’t it?

* someone up there *looks towards sky* was having a right laugh at me yesterday!  4 times i put the clothes out on the line…and four times i had to bring them back in because it started to rain.  it obviously stopped raining by the time i bought them all in…but by the 4th time, i’d had enough, so they went in the tumble dryer.  obviously i waited until paul had gone out on his bike and couldn’t witness the clothes in the dryer…tumble dryer’s should only be used during severe rain and snow in the eyes of mr lowe.

* bloody babybel’s and their bloody wrappers!  i’ve lost count the number of items of clothes these things have ruined!  ok, ok…so i need to check the bois’ clothes pockets better but, but…really?!  my nice new vest top?…and they stick to the inside of the tumble dryer {not that i use it that often…shit! dropped myself in it there haven’t i?!}…but the bois also can’t use their pockets anymore as they are now permanently glued together by red goo…nice!

* {another one to add to the list…guess whose birthday is on wednesday?!}…you know you’re getting on when your body fails you.  even worse when it fails you IN FRONT OF OTHERS!  laughed.  leant forward.  farted.  oh the shame.  but that might have been karma as i had earlier shook my head in disapproval at my cousin who earlier admitted to pissing herself whilst on a trampoline…{haia Trac!}

now go forth and have a lovely monday…i’ve had to take an emergency day off work, so a bit of daylight robbery shopping for school shoes it is for us!


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