”whaddaya do for your money, honey?”




“what do you do for your money, honey? how do you get your kicks?” {AC/DC}

… is what i usually start singing to myself when i’m whizzing this baby up in the blender.  {or ”tomorrow! tomorrow! i love ya tomorrow” when someone says tomorrow or “what’s new pussy cat whoah whoah whoaoooh!”  when some asks ”what’s new?”}…anyway…

smoothie’s are the done thing for breakfast at ours at the moment.  more of a just trying to get my 5-a-day than a diet type of thing.  also helps that they are tasty.

i got the recipe for this baby here {and many a recipe for other goodies too}.

ingredients: banana, cup of yoghurt, cup of orange juice, a teaspoon of honey and nutmeg {which i haven’t got and it’s still good}

method: just throw everything but the nutmeg in a blender.  blend it.  finish it off with a sprinkling of nutmeg {if you’ve got it}.

i usually bring this to work with me and slurp it noisily enjoy it at my desk whilst reading bloglovin emails…

coming next week: a how-to from mr lowe showcasing the biggest and bestest birthday cake ever…hopefully!  {someone’s birthday tomorrow…MINE MINE MINE!!!}

speaking of birthdays, here’s a little wish list i came up with…


but i’m thinking the wool will be a no no because paul kinda looks at me disapprovingly when i’m knitting and getting excited over baking shows {nainy alert!}, he’s told me i won’t be getting any jewellery off him ever again because i keep losing jewellery he’s given me in the past {fair point} and i probably won’t get a cake because i’m the baker at our house {haa! she says…} but a girl can dream yes?

there’s also the other point of a brand-spanking-new-camera making it’s way to me as i type this…GET. IN!

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11 thoughts on “”whaddaya do for your money, honey?”

  1. Oh wow, I love how everything you blog is so beautiful! Your photos are stunning and I want this smoothie in my life! Happy Birthday for tomorrow darling and thanks for linking up, mwah x

  2. This smoothie looks yummy and I could make this! My birthday wishlist actually has the new honey perfume on it… Cake knitting and jewellery all three are fab!

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