bois will be bois…



so monday was world photography day.  mmmhm, i only found out on Friday too thanks to the lovely tara.

i went through my phone last night to see if i actually did take any photos on that monday.  these are the two i had taken.

the first pic is the result of letting 4 bois run around a garden while i caught up with my best friend, cara, who is home from bristol for the week!  the week!  soo excited!  love her and her brilliantly-gorgeous-and-still-growing-bump!  so while we chatted about bumps, babies, holidays and EVERYTHING else over the fence {really!  i thought this was only done by old women in their pinafore’s etc…oh wait…} the bois caught every woodlice, snail and slug going!

the second pic is the only way i could get alf to bed…with his new headphones and AC/DC playing…not his father’s son for nothing that one!

oh! and and and!!…my new camera might be at home when i finish work today!! yipee!! so expect a few blurry shots from tonight…that’s from me trying to work out the new camera and not from birthday celebrations…

check your phone/camera now and see what you took on monday!

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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