i’m in love


here she is.  i know, i know.  she’s gorge isn’t she!

even though i knew what i was getting for my birthday, it was still love at first proper sight.

i’m still learning what’s what.  i’m showing her to everyone.  she came out at my birthday gathering last night and showed everyone what she can do.  i’m looking at everything and going ”oooh, that would make a lovely photograph!”…and i’ve not had her 24 hours yet!  she has even caused her first domestic…{hi to the in-laws!…}

i love her.  and that handsome husband of mine even more {if possible} for buying her for me! 

wanna know something else i love?!  having great friends round to ours to sip wine with, coo over babies with, giggle with {…and many a time, laugh at}, sit around the fire with, having to get the connect4 out when there’s a “i’ll kick your ass in that game” moment…gotta love them.

and then there was the sweet, sweet bracelet!…as in a bracelet with flumps, black jacks and jelly babies sellotaped, yes SELLOTAPED {tres classy!} to it.  awesome!  anyone got viviene westwood’s number?…

and how could i forget the nutmeg!  remember when i said i didn’t have any for this recipe…well i only went and got some for my birthday!  all wrapped up and everything, it was!

diolch pawb, it was a happy birthday indeed



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