11 years old

^^ what do you get for the biggest donut lover? a donut cake of course! duh! ^^

DSC00077 (Medium)

^^ this look translates to ”mam! someone shot me in the face! ^^
^^ the cutest referee i ever did see ^^
^^ yup, i’d say he was happy with his cake going by that smile! ^^

11 years old and he still doesn’t know how to clean his bedroom

…but bloodyhell does his handsome face make up for it!  friday was robb’s birthday.  so we booked him and his mates {and mam & dad, of course} for a paintballing session, followed by way too much pizza, jam butties and donuts.  once we’d tidied up {and eaten another donut with our coffee} we packed the tent and headed off for the night together, just the four of us.

collage (Medium)

and the best way to end a day of paintballing {8 bruises and still counting by the way!!}…well a night camping and rocking away to Stereosonics and A Whole Lotta DC, tribute acts at the brilliant The Big Tribute festival.  next year, we are booking tickets for the whole weekend, definitely.  but that’s the bois bach’s first festival done.  alf wasn’t too sure at first…but soon got his air guitar out!


#magicmoments indeed

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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