what my face will be like this weekend…

DSC00018 (Medium)

…really, BECAUSE…

* i have to fly…and i frickin hate flying!  i have to be proper partially pissed to get on one, which doesn’t bode well for the weekend when we are flying at 9am…the bar in the airport is open that early isn’t it?!

* i am going on a hen do…say no more…

* i will be dressed as ‘where’s wenda’…

* i will be learning new tricks at a ‘cocktail making’ session…

* and sharing a room with someone who is possibly one of the craziest of the lot…

* this is our first {maybe second, there’s been a lot!} hen do where we have actually booked a room together…on all of the others i have just ended up in her bed.  “sod this shit, where’s becky’s bed!” is usually my last line of the night/morning…



ps – a week with my new camera and these are a few of my fave pics so far.

DSC00021 (Medium)
DSC00026 (Medium)
DSC00098 (Medium)
DSC00103 (Medium)
DSC00112 (Medium)
DSC00138 (Medium)

le ladies {who definitely do not like to party or drink wine!…} // bala lake // donut face // first festival…and not too sure at first // big deck chairs {which were a bitch to try and get out if you had a pint of guinness in one hand…} // camping face

…cos it’s all about the memories isn’t it?

Cork! I will be seeing you in the morning! ARGH!

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