it’s been emosh…

robb school2

robb school

Alf school


robb – it’s 1pm and you still haven’t text me to say that you are ok.  and my eyes.  my eyes.  they’ve got the whole puffy look going on…and it’s not good son.  not a good look at all.  TEXT ME!  but you in high school…how the hell did that happen?!  but we’re so, so proud of you bubs.

alf – you and your bag.  my heart was in my throat.  so glad the scrapes on your nose have disappeared ready for school.  and your tears when you realised ilan {best friend} hadn’t arrived the same time as you and you held my hand that little bit harder?  *DEAD* .  ps – i can’t wait to read your new book to you again, again and again.  i think i loved it just as much {if not more} than you!

paul – high five to our bois?!

de chi werth y byd i mi bois xx

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