somethings #3

wheres wenda2

wheres wenda




something i read: a cocktail menu!  i went for {and made, which made it taste that extra bit spesh} the ‘lick me’ cocktail.  and whilst the bar men had their backs turned?  you soo know everyone had an extra splash of bacardi in their drinks while i was behind that bar ;)

something i watched: grown women compete to see who got the best ‘where’s wally’ photo.  funniest thing ever.  also, just the best gang of girls having the funniest time.  kilkenny, you were awesome.  pretty in the day and just awesome at night.

something i wore:  ‘where’s wenda’ outfit, of course!  and judging by the state of my top the following morning?  a lot of guinness and a hell of a lot of bacardi and coke… also great t-shirts featuring the cutest welsh doll and the funniest leprechaun.  do you think i can get away with wearing those glasses on any occassion?!  please say yes!

something i listened to: belly laughs, screams as we went up in the plane and came down {not me for once!}, a lot of ‘where’s wally’ shouts, an awesome live band on the saturday night, top dancing tunes in the clubs and a hell of a lot more belly laughs.  have i made it clear yet it was all just brilliant?!…

something i can’t live without: alcohol on a flight.  i mean, come on!  who is going to get on an aeroplane which has propellers, yes PROPELLERS!, without an alcoholic beverage.  wine.  it’s always gotta be wine.  and the plane was tiny!  so tiny, we asked if one of us had to get out to give it a push-start…

now bring on the wedding…!!

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