*points camera* ”funny face please!”


me {miss those false lashes } // owsi {no longer with this fringe as he decided to shave parts of it off!} // elfyn {nearly shit himself on hols thanks to dodgy water} // Lois {who will come back as a fish the amount of time she spent in the pool!}

alfie {still says ‘eat pizza’ instead of ibiza } // paul {yup, the one who realised he was wearing age 9-10  boxers yesterday! only realised when he went to the loo} // elliott {alf’s new best mate…twice the size of him, but still best mates} // geth {my brother who likes to get his arse out at any opportunity}

amie {soon to be sister-in-law – can we crash your honeymoon too?!} // robb {who asked me last night if he was too big for cuddles…i couldn’t cuddle him quick enough or long enough afterwards!} // lowri {my sister and the one who took the longest to work out what she was going to do in this photo…still crap} // theo {hilarious.  that is all.} 

kira {bootiful and has the most amazing eyelashes!  can’t wait to get my mascara on them babies!} // natalie {elf’s sister.  ‘SURPRISE!’ = a dirty shot because of her}  //  ella {also tres bootiful and likes to mother alf and owsi in the mornings, just gorgeous to watch}

this selfie was all paul’s idea while we were on hols to remember the good times we had with everyone

reason 1245262587512 why i love that man x

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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