somethings #4

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something i read: a text from the husband “Think i might have to start gettind dressed with the lights on, went for a crap and realised my undies were for age 9-10!”.  i kid you not.  and i married him.

something i watched: Lawless.  ooohh maaiiiii god!  seriously, what took us so long to watch this, paul?!  it had been sat next to our tv for the past 6 months {lovefilm must love us…and must also laugh at us…that film must have cost us £45!}.  anyway, we watched it and it was brilliant.  set in virginia during the depression, it tells the story of a gang of brothers who are threatened by a very evil, like i-wanna-poke-his-eyes-out-and-chop-his-dick-off-kinda-evil new deputy and other authorities who are wanting a cut of their profits.  can someone please explain why guy pearce got rid of his eyebrows for the role?!    anyway, go watch it.  tom hardy and shia lebeouf are the brothers if that tempts you?  if that doesn’t, i’m not sure what will to be honest.

something i wore:  what feels like new glasses.  someone kinda made them go all out of shape somehow.  oh, and the hairspray!  someone sprays that much hairspray to style her hair that it turns out the lenses were CAKED in the stuff…and it takes certain stuff at the opticians to clean the lenses!  so thanks to the lovely lady there, i now have glasses that stay on my head when i look down and lenses that i can see through. paul also tells me that the bathroom is often caked in hairspray too.  what’s a girl to do?! i’ve also been wearing boots, big jackets and scarves…hello autumn!

something i listened to: apart from discovering some great music from ‘mr huw’ and downloading katy perry’s ‘roar’ just so i can put it on repeat…i have also listened to my mam and dad bicker hilariously over scrabble!  but i won, so that shut them both up. ;)

something i can’t live without: my lunch break walks.  they seem to clear my head a bit ready for the afternoon.  plus there are now horses in one of the fields, so i’ll be packing an extra apple in my lunchbox everyday from now on.  and sometimes {ok, just the once so far!} someone you know who happens to be passing {not that many do on this country lane} and you get all of the latest gossip.  bonus.


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9 thoughts on “somethings #4

  1. Laughed out loud at your Hubby’s text – not as bad as one of mine that was shared on my wedding day…. Maybe tell you Friday at the Mads ;) off to try and order Lawless now, Tom Hardy, yum!

  2. How has it taken me over a week to read your post??!! Sorry mrs.
    I loved Lawless, though my husband fell asleep during it! He keeps meaning to watch it again.
    Love all your photos too.
    Missed you at the MADS, what happened?? xxx

    1. How could he fall asleep during Lawless??!! I was on edge all of the time!!! Aah, MADS, next year hopefully! Sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way you want it too. But well done you on your award! X

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