monday musings – the scottish edition


hia, hello and shw mai?!

here goes…

* so…Scotland! after being told to pack my woolies I think you are spoiling me with these blue skies! ok, so the wind can do one as it’s totally ruined my hair, but the blue skies? yup, they can stay!

* the messages I had last night while I was on my way up here were just lovely and sweet. asking me how i was, how far I had to go, telling me how much he loved me and wishing me a goodnight with lots of swsus. yeah, that 11 year old son of mine is just stinking gorgeous. still waiting for my text/call off Paul..

* have I mentioned on here how bad Paul’s snoring is?! well, it’s bad. I mean, he wakes himself up sometimes it’s so loud! so that was one thing I was looking forward to last night, no snoring. but no! someone in the room next to me more than made up for it. I COULD HEAR THEM THROUGH THE WALLS AND I HAD THE TV ON what’s that all about?!

* I lost count on the number of times I woke up last night tossing and turning. I don’t do sleeping away from my bois all that well. nugget of info for you there.

* at the end of our 6 hour drive up here I decided a bath was the way to end my day. You know, one where I wouldn’t be interrupted by someone wanting a pooh or asking me for the 100th time if they could watch a DVD…but then I saw the size of the bath {I realise how spoilt I have been with our bath at home now!} and decided to head to the bar instead. a glass of red, the biggest tv and sofa ALL TO MYSELF. not forgetting the bar. all. to. myself.

* the real housewives of Vancouver. you are shite. seriously shite. {was on the tv as i typed this, i might have shouted at the tv a couple of times! but the remote was too far away to switch over…}

* for about an hour today i might have pretended i was a uni student! i walked the grounds and the campus at the uni where i’m staying at. god it felt good. soo good! ;)

…oops! I might have just jinxed the weather! just looked out of my window and it’s raining!

right, i’m off to see if that bar is all mine again!

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