when your wedding anniversary celebrations don’t go the way you planned them in your head…



in your head: a huge bunch of flowers and a gorgeous smile waiting for you at the train station.  a dramatic embrace, maybe we could run to each other, snog each others faces off?  come up for breath and say “i’ve missed you so much”…{too much?!}  the truth: no flowers and a tired smile.  a quick sws.  a 5 hour train ride for you and two days/nights of just him and the bois bach = tired.

in your head: him loving and laughing at the card you got him and hiding it from the bois as it’s sweary {cos i is dead romantic, innit?!}.  “ti’n ffwc o foi!” translates to “you’re one fuck of a lad!”… the truth: him just replying ”yeah” when you ask did he receive your card and then adding ”robb was smiling when he gave it to me, he must’ve liked it”…oh maaaan!  someone didn’t lick the envelope properly!  and no card for yourself…

in your head: sweet and soppy texts throughout the day. the truth: texts yes.  along the lines of “hi. major probs. cannot find your car key anywhere.  can’t get off the driveway without it :/”.  followed by a few from me “have you checked your back pockets?” {that one didn’t go down well…}, and ”have i left them in the car?”.  no “i love yous” to be seen.  or heard for that matter.  the keys were found after 2 hours of searching.  and he tells me i’m the one who never hangs the keys up where they should be. this, apparently, was the reason i never got a card.  the whole key incident ”just fucked up” his plans.

in your head: an early night.  the truth: you get home to your parents and the in-laws drinking wine and having a good ol’ get-together in your living room.  but they have just looked after the bois, so you can’t just ask them to leave.  so you open that other bottle of wine, join them and then crawl to bed 11.30pm.  alone.  you can hear him snoring on the sofa from upstairs.

oh, the romance!…

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