taking stock



Makingwool and the gangs florence sweater
Cooking : all things stew-y {hello autumn!}
Drinking : banrock station-cabernet sauvignong shiraz…i’ll be seeing you later, baby!
Reading: the bad mother
Wanting: to really really really go the #madblogawards tonight…but sometimes, stuff just doesn’t work out the way you want it to.
Looking: forward to book club tonight instead with the ladies
Playing: catch up with tickets at work
Wasting: too much time online at times, i think.
Sewing: my sweater together!..this excites far too much than it should i’m sure
Wishing: my hair was long.  yup, it’s started.  due a haircut next week and i’m already doing the shall i grow it/cut it short debate in my head…
Enjoying: my coffee right now
Waiting: for my crazy sexy wool to arrive so i can make that blanket for my friend’s little nora due ANY DAY now! love me a baby to squish.
Liking: the way rolly {our dog who has come to work with me today} brushes my arm with his paw when he wants me to fuss him.
Wondering: what to do this weekend
Lovingthis outfit for my friend’s wedding next month…what do you think?!
Hoping: to get a mini-break with family booked this weekend
Marvelling: at how much alf has fallen in love again with his rocking horse…just wait til he finds out we’re thinking of getting rid of it!…
Needing: new clothes…aren’t we always?
Smelling: j’adore perfume i squirted all over myself today, a little something to help me this friday
Wearing: far too many layers for today it seems.  the sun is shining and it’s WARM!
Following: all the lovelies who are attending the #madblogawards tonight on twitter to hear all about it!
Noticing: the colours are a-changing!
Knowing: that sometimes, you just got to go with the flow.
Thinking: of that home-made lasagna we’re having at our meeting this afternoon…and that apple crumble custard which will follow.
Feeling: warmer again, thanks to rolly refusing to move off my lap.
Bookmarking: all chunky knit patterns
Opening: the window…see wearing and feeling above…
Giggling: at that pic of paul posing with his ‘bag’ last night
Feeling: pissed off with the whole #madblogawards thing…but hey, there’s always next year right?!

i saw this on one of my fave blogs who saw it here…so if it’s ok for them, it’s ok for this little blog of mine.

friday, let’s do this.

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