the ordinary moments

DSC00363 (Medium)

if you follow me on instagram, you will know that cuddles with rolly {our dog} is the norm at ours.  and last night was no different.  robb and rolly all cuddled up together watching the telly.  not sure if it’s a high school thing or not, but robb hasn’t really been interested in x factor until this year.  is that what everyone is talking about at break time maybe?  who was good and who was oh so bad! he’s never actually asked to put it on until now…maybe the paned {cuppa} and the biscuits have got something to do with it too?!  anyway, rolly and the x factor is where it was at last night.

just remind me to never give rolly beef again…man, that dog’s backside is something else afterwards!



9 thoughts on “the ordinary moments

  1. Your posts always make me chuckle- lovely vision of Rolly’s backside now! ;) And this photo is incredibly sweet- I am desperate to get a dog as a family pet but my husband won’t let me as he knows it will be him that ends up taking it for a walk.
    I looooove X Factor- like so much it’s my favourite program!

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