so there’s this face…

^^ alf’s face cracks me up in this one! ^^

so there’s this face that appears in a lot of my photos. sometimes it’s cute. sometimes it’s sweet. but most of the time it’s just damn right funny! he’s just damn right funny. of course, it’s alfie i’m on about. granted, when i took the above photo a while back i did say “pull a funny face”…but alf’s face here? i just can’t cope with it! he pulls the best faces!

this is the same alf who got into the bath with me last night. a bath i had filled with bubbles. a bath i was peacefully enjoying. and then he got in. a still-sweaty-and-muddy-from-football six year old. who, as soon as he got in, let rip continuously for about a good minute. and then said “i think i need a poo, mam”. who then farted again as he cocked his leg up to get out of the bath.

and i’m telling you now, in that split second when he farted, the way he spun around…i’m sure he thought he’d poo’d in the bath. the bath his mam was still lying in…

oh, living the dream i am, living the dream.

recent posts seem to have a bit of a theme don’t they?!  i do apologise.  i will try and clean up my posts from now on!…but be reminded i am the only female in a household of 4 plus one dog. ;)  x

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