when your cake failure is a success to others…

DSC00285 (Medium)

…yes, let’s all just stop what we are doing right now and take in all of this chocolate-y-ness…

…are you done?  ok.

DSC00288 (Medium)

DSC00290 (Medium)

DSC00292 (Medium)

looks good, right?!…

now look at it…

DSC00293 (Medium)

a (Medium)

you have no idea how much this pissed me off.  but thankfully, those who cleared the plate it was on, thought it was gorgeous.  their words, not mine.  i didn’t get to try any.  i ate that much cake mixture, gooey chocolate and double chocolate cream while ‘building’ it, that i’d had my fair share to be honest.  it’s a hard life, eh?!

recipe here and if, like me, you think “that looks easy” and want to give this a go, one tip for you:  if your chocolate cream mixture doesn’t look like it’s going to do what it should, whisk that baby up!  or you’ll be scraping one cake off the other screaming “noo! stop it!”.  and getting all stressy.  and licking chocolate off your elbows {how the hell did it get there?!} and getting to your party and noticing chocolate all over your jeans and boots…and licking that last bit from your chin as you arrive! #classy

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