it’s sunday, therefore it’s…



this has definitely become our weekend ‘thing’. i’m not sure who loves it more, the bois bach or me. they love it for the obvious reasons {nutella and syrup, to name a few!}. me? i love making the pancakes! i just bloody love it! from the whisking to the flipping, especially the flipping!

i also love how alf just shoves a whole pancake in his mouth all in one go {ma boi got the skillz, i’m telling you!} and has finished his first pancake before robb has finished prepping his!

because robb makes sure you can’t see his pancake for nutella…and takes aaages in doing so! what? there’s a bit of pancake all naked, get a shed load of nutella on that baby!

and when they’ve eaten enough and there’s that last few extra* one’s i made that become mine. HIGH. FIVE. i’m a traditional gal when it comes to my pancakes though, a sprinkling of sugar and a squirt of lemon juice and i’m happy.


i love our sunday pancake sessions x

* ALWAYS make sure you make too many pancakes, it’s never a bad thing!

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19 thoughts on “it’s sunday, therefore it’s…

  1. I quite agree – there’s no such thing as too many pancakes! Last shrove Tuesday I think Kitty ate her birth weight in pancakes at the vicarage pancake party by looking pleadingly at whoever was cooking!

  2. I LOVE pancakes too, and sugar and lemon are my favourite. I also agree that they are a real weekend thing and I have been making them a lot recently but my little girl doesn’t like them so I end up eating them all myself! x

  3. Oh my goodness these photos are making me hungry! I LOVE pancakes. In fact we should start doing this on a Sunday too. x

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