monday musings: skater boys, tie’s and the x factor

skate park (Medium)

here he is.  happy as larry, pulling some stunt or other.  i should know the name of this move…is it just a wheelie?  or maybe a frontie, or something?!  anyway, here he is.  at the place where he wants to go to all the time right now.  the place where i can’t get a word out of him…only a nod of the head, if i’m lucky.  anyway, this photo is one of my fave’s right now.  very robb.  him on a scooter, beanie on his head and chinos.  because, apparently, that’s what all the skaters wear dont’cha know…

we’ve got a wedding in a fortnight.  i can’t decide which dress to wear, therefore asking robb and alfie for a ‘yay’ or a ‘nay’ is where i’m at right now.  that’s not good is it?!  asking an 11 year old who thinks that beanie’s are cool and a 6 year old who is always wearing snot for advice on which dress to wear!  but sometimes, what they say is nicer than the truth.  honestly, there was this one time i had some sort of dress on and alf told me i looked like a princess!  stuff of dreams that, stuff of dreams!  he was probably hoping for a 3rd nobbly bobbly of the evening, but he still said it!

take note mr lowe.

moving on, robb came downstairs this morning with his tie done.  but it wasn’t around his shirt…it was just done and tied around his neck!  i remember laughing and thinking ”haa! look at him!…righto, where did i put my coffee?!”…and still now i’m not sure if i actually corrected the whole tie situation before he left for school!

and speaking of school…i can’t be the only one who might have struggled a little bit with year 7 homework, surely?!  whatever happened to just running around a field chasing some sort of ball in sports lesson?!  a powerpoint presentation was asked for this weekend as homework.  give me strength.  well, i did get it afterwards {strength, that is} in the form of a pint of guiness.  iechyd da, indeed.

ps: anyone else loving the whole ‘seat business’ on the x factor?!  i was honestly thinking of giving the x factor a boot as it got a bit samey samey ever year.  but, the seat business?!  best move ever!  pass me the wine and shush bois bach!

who is your money on this year?!

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