the ‘oh-just-chuck-it-all-in’ flapjacks

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i love sunday’s this time of year.  you know the one’s.  where it’s all about the afternoon walks, comfort food eating and most importantly, the baking of said comfort food.  throw a footie match {and a screaming mama!} into the mix nowadays too.  {won one and lost one, if you were wondering.  AND i got told there’s no need to shout if it’s obvious he’s not going to get the ball…}  and last weekend was no different.

based on the recipe you will find here, i decided to make a quick batch of flapjacks.  i’m all for spare of the moment, me.  so, i wasn’t that surprised to see that i didn’t have enough honey {enough to fill about one tablespoon} to make…err, honey flapjacks!  doh.  and seeing as the butter and sugar were already in the pan melting, i couldn’t do a last minute dash to the shop either.  so here is where they title of this post comes in.  i opened the cupboard to grab the golden syrup and upon doing so, saw the bag of pumpkin seeds we had. grabbed them both and continued to add the syrup {two tablespoons}. 

once everything was dissolved i added the oats and then threw in pumpkin seeds and chopped up milk chocolate, adding these until it looked like there was enough.  i then continued to follow the instructions.

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ladies and gents…you will not be disappointed.  they are gooey, they are crunchy, they are soo good with a coffee at elevenses.  

and maybe with your first coffee in the morning.

and definitely with that 3 o’clock coffee…

oh and pumpkin seeds and i?…definitely got a thing going on.

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9 thoughts on “the ‘oh-just-chuck-it-all-in’ flapjacks

  1. These look so scrummy! Just scrolled down your blog again and your chocolate cake caught my eye too! I just had to subscribe to your blog so I can keep up to date with the yumminess. Found you on the ohsoamelia link up.

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