iphone picture no. 217

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

so there’s this little squish {aka harry} who comes to play every now and again.  who, if i’m honest, could stay for all of the days plus more and it still wouldn’t be enough.  there’s always work his mam and dad have to get to or nursery he needs to go and have fun at or something…B O R I N G ;)

but hearing him call me auntie agis is just one of the best things at the moment.

anyway, this heap of mush visited a couple of weekends back.  and it was lovely to have him all to myself.  no mummy, no daddy, no naini or taidi.  all mine.  well, alfie and owen’s too, if you count them.  but i wasn’t, so he was all mine.  we walked up to feed the horses and oh my life!  this little heart throb does the cutest horse noise ever.  i may have asked him to do it again.  and again.  and again.

and the way he kept running around looking for more grass to feed the horse as we’d run out of carrots…AARRGGHH!!

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery
the theme this week for the gallery was ‘through the eyes of the phone’.  this post was brought to you by  the help of my lovely assitant ;) work colleague , lynn.  i asked her to choose a number between 1 and 258 {the no. of pics on my phone} and this is number 217.

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