somethings #6

rugby  (Medium)

rugby3 (Medium)
^^ biggest kid of them all? my dad! ^^

rugby4 (Medium)

rugby5 (Medium)

rugby7 (Medium)

alf loves being outside.  give him his best mates {taid being one of them!} and a ball and he loves it even more.  throw in a sunny afternoon, and i’m happy to sit there, watch them and get shots of the action.  just look at their faces.  kids, doing what kids should do…rolling around on the grass, laughing and getting those all important mud stains.

because we all love a good mud stain…no mud stains = not enough fun has been had.  #rules

isio laff?! {wanna laugh?!}  then read this post by aimee on maltesers…or what she thought were maltesers and this one on, what else but farting, of course!  fancy a gorgeous outfit post? try this post…carrie bradshaw anyone?!  oh and this post had me in tears last night…especially those last 4 paragraphs…they got me.

you want to know something else that’s just got to me?  i’ve just been told that a christmas jumper that paul wants me to knit him for christmas {looong story!} is maybe ‘too advanced’ for my knitting skillz…watch this space bitch, watch this space!

oh well best get back to it, unfortunately that pile of filing sitting on my desk isn’t going to file itself now, is it?  weekend plans look like this: friend staying over tonight = wine, an evening with the girls tomorrow = wine…and footy for alf on sunday!…that’s if i’m safe enough to drive ;)


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