kids capture the colour


^^ BLUE wheel on robb’s stunt scooter ^^


^^ robb’s GREEN bike ^^


^^ RED leaves ^^


^^ WHITE road marking ^^


^^ YELLOW flowers ^^

since i started blogging {two years ago?!…or maybe three?!} i’ve become more and more interested in photography.  i’m nowhere near the best, but for me and my new toy it’s not that bad.  the taking, the editing and in some cases PUTTING ON CANVAS AND ACTUALLY GOING ON THE WALL {yay me!}, i love it all.  so when i saw the chance to receive a new camera for the bois bach for a competition they could enter, i thought it would be a great opportunity to get them interested in taking photos.  there are five categories: red, yellow, blue, green and white.  easy as.

but it seems they haven’t quite got the bug like i have just yet…and after a bit of nagging {should i admit to that?!…does admitting this mean we will have less chance of winning?! ARGH!…*stresses*…} with a couple of days to go in the competition, robb took the camera with him one afternoon after school to see what he could come up with.  we discussed colours, places and ideas and the above are the results of that afternoon.

a bit biased maybe…but i do love the red leaves one!

wish us luck!

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