somethings #7 {painkillers and a pick-me-up}


heart shaped earrings

^^ brooch which i've made into a hair piece instead ^^
^^ brooch which i’ve made into a hair piece ^^
^^ just because... ^^
^^ because we all need button hairclips…am i right?! ^^

this week has been a bit bleurgh.  it’s been all about the painkillers.  and in my case super strong ones.  i don’t really ever take paracetamol, so these painkillers?!  S P A C E D.  O U T.  {also read as: awesome!}. 

note: don’t try knitting yourself a super chunky hat whilst spaced out…the end result is not pretty.  funny, but not pretty.  {i had to undo that bitch twice!}

i found myself with a couple of hours all to myself yesterday after a meeting in Llangollen.  so i decided to treat myself.  i had a lovely snoop around the shops without a “do we really need to go in here?” {paul} and “uh-oh i need a wee…like RIGHT NOW!” {sometimes paul but mostly the bois bach ;) } and it was soo nice.  to be able to touch things and not have a “but you’ve got something similar at home!” etc. etc.  i’m told i touch things; clothes, bags, jewellery too often when we’re out so it was great to just touch EVERYTHING without a roll-of the-eyes.

there’s this gorgeous shop opened near where i live called Pethau Tlws {pretty things} and everything inside really is soo pretty!  all the jewellery above are what i bought there yesterday.  a perfect pick-me-up and perfect accessories for tomorrow’s wedding.  well, not all of them because that would just look ridiculous, but the earrings and the brooch*-but-now-a-hairpiece are definitely for tommorow.

happy weekend!

ps – how do you say brooch…is it brooooooch or browwwch…asking for a friend…obvs.


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