somethings #8 {weddings}





^^ let’s all just have a moment with this photo right here…;) ^^

i bloody love a good wedding, me. from the getting ourselves all dolled up, right through to the stumble walk home at the end of the night/early morning!…and let’s not get started on that pie in the garage on our way home  that’s got my name all over it!

i love the atmosphere in the church as everyone awaits the arrival of the bride. i just want to see it all straight away, the gorgeous bride herself, the bridesmaids, the flowers, the colours and the cake. oh the cake!

the chance for a good ol’ overdue catch up with friends {and getting to meet new boyfriends!}. it’s the banter during the wedding breakfast with those on your table, the hilarious speeches which are also very sweet and tearful. then there’s the “oh i love this song!” when the bride and groom have their first dance…and the dancing that continues all night afterwards! whoah, that is somerthing else i’m telling you! i’m sure i seem to remember our wedding song being played at some point {ac/dc you shook me all night long} but seeing as i was, ahem, tired i can’t quite remember…but that’s always a good thing to happen at a wedding too, isn’t it? your song being played.

…and then there’s the ‘missing the last mini bus back to your hotel’ so we might as well have one for the road!

and there’s having paul in a suit. all day. there is a god.

so yeah, weddings, i bloody love them…i need another, to do all the above again!

who’s getting married next and can we come along?!

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