halloween, not just for kids, is it?!

superman outfit

…because rolly has got his suit ready and is raring to go!  i mean, come ooonnnnn, just look at him!  just sitting there…with his proud face and his fat, hairy belly poking out of his superman outfit.  you know that sigh you do when you take those tight jeans off {we have all got a pair, yes?!}…i’m sure he did the same when we took this off! ha!  so it might be a bit tight but it is now hanging up in his wardrobe* waiting for october 31st.

and better still?  you don’t have to rob a bank to get one for your four legged friend, either.  bonus.  always a bonus.

* when i say wardrobe, i mean his section of stuff in the cupboard under the kitchen sink.

serious face: we were sent this super cool outfit by a pet insurance company for the purpose of this post.  and as you can see by the photo, these are all my own words, as his fat, hairy belly is poking out of the suit!

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