crunchy crumble and a competition

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here’s the thing.  there’s this competition.  it’s never been made official.  but it’s there.  we know about it.  we just never mention it.  i’m talking about my mam and i.  everytime something is cooked or baked, a piece is given to the other along with the lines of ”take this home to dad/paul, see what he thinks…”.

and it was no different when i made this crunchy apple and blackberry crumble.

mam and dad happenend to call round one evening when this had just come out of the oven {not sure if it was pure coincidence or not…} and here started the ”dad, you must have some of this crumble, you’ll LOVE it!”.  and love it he did, which meant i then had to reel off the ingredients to my defeated-looking mam ;) .  who then looked at dad and said ”rob owen, if i had put THOSE ingredients in MY crumble, you wouldn’t touch it!”, dad responded with “eww, ond ma’n bloody dda ddo, Jen!” {“ooh, but it’s bloody good, Jen!”}…finished off with his face he pulls when he knows he is winding up my mam.

think it’s safe to say, i won on this occassion ;)

apple and blackberry crumble

of course, lashings of cream poured all over it is the only way to eat crumble, although i do remember a time when i would only eat mam’s crumble {before i moved out and we got competitive!} with just milk poured all over it, mmm!  oh, and when i would only eat a bramley apple pie dunked in natural yoghurt.  oooh, craving a bit of that right now!  comfort food eh, you gotta love it!

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5 thoughts on “crunchy crumble and a competition

  1. I LOVE a good crumble. When I was a wean it was always rhubarb I made with my Nana, because she had mountains of it in the garden. Always eaten with evaporated milk. What a memory that’s evoked.

    Well done on your win!

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