at the beach

Abersoch (Medium)

abersoch 1 (Medium)

abersoch 4 (Medium)

abersoch3 (Medium)

surfs up (Medium)

abersoch 5 (Medium)

abersoch 6 (Medium)

abersoch 7 (Medium)

abersoch 8 (Medium)

abersoch 9 (Medium)

surfer waves for the big kids, a whole load of pebbles to throw in the sea, waves to run from, a football to kick about and that all important fort to build and everyone’s happy.

you know those moments when on the way to the beach you think to yourself ”should i have brought spare clothes with us?!…nah! they will be fine!  because who wants to go in the sea in october?!”…yeah, that never happens.  and wet jeans are just the worst, aren’t they?  no, actually wet jeans with sand in all the pockets are the worst!

and finally {and well overdue if you ask me!}  a picture of all us lowe’s!  and judging by this photo, i may have been a little too happy that we were finally doing this…what am i doing?!

abersoch 10 (Medium)

answers on a postcard, please! x

dear beautiful

24 thoughts on “at the beach

  1. Thats a great family photo, you were clearly very excited about it. And I love the one of the kids in the boat too. It looks like a beautiful day out, I always think the beach is especially beautiful this time of year. x

  2. Oh Mrs I LOVE these! That new camera is getting some use. I love all of them, especially the family photo at the bottom. It looks like a great day out. x

  3. It’s a rule of the beach that you go in the sea regardless of the weather or the time of year! It’s a gorgeous picture of you all in the boat too!

  4. {sigh} you’ve got me hankering for the beach now! I think I love strolling along the beach in winter coats and hats more than I do summer shorts (or perhaps that’s just because the nearest beach to us is Weston and we only seem to go in Winter!).
    What are you doing? Paddling your oar by the look of it, upside down, which would explain why you’ve beached the boat!

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