somethings #10 {halloween…well, what else would it be this week?!}



halloween 2013

halloween 2

me and madonna
^^ two scary dolls but i think Low looks more like a madonna-gone-wrong {?!}…i found a better wig afterwards.  lesson here, always check what wig’s your mam has got!  she’s got LOADS! ^^

alien and pumpkin

^^ just LOVE the devil horns alf's doing here! ^^
^^ just LOVE the devil horns alf’s doing here! ^^
^^ mummy cake, anyone?! ^^
^^ mummy cake, anyone?! ^^

trick or treatin’ around the village is usually the done thing in llandrillo, but this year we decided to do a party in the village hall for all the kids.  and to think we only decided to do the party on tuesday evening…i think we did pretty well!  it also helps that one of the mum’s has got her own medieval costume company and brought along some awesome props!  scary looking rats, a bloody broken ankle, cool candles, gravestones and a scary looking knight amongst other halloween decor and we were ready to party!

robb must have run to the front door to check the post E V E R Y D A Y since we ordered his alien outfit.  he must really like it because that costume is now HANGING ON A HANGER in his wardrobe.  nothing else has EVER had this kind of care off robb.  well, there was that one time he actually kept a toy he had played with…!

and alf.  my little scary pumpkin.  he danced and shook his devil fork like no other!  if there was a dancing competition at parties, alf would win.  every time.

and thanks to pinterest, i got to paint my face!  an improvement, some might say.  slightly disappointed that the illuminous tights i wore to the party were what paul had bought for himself and not for me!  so, seeing as i was wearing them, he didn’t dress up.  next year, people, next year AND i will get it on camera.

high five to everyone involved with the party.   hope you all had a terrifying halloween ;)

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