a caramel latte






…because sometimes after watching alf play football in the wind, rain, hail and then a bit of sun {sometimes all at the same time!}, a caramel latte and my favourite blanket is the only way to recover. in my favourite mug too, please.

but those pesky, ice cold toes on the end of alf’s feet making their way under my jumper kinda ruined it at times ;)

PS alf played his best game today. he even had a couple of shots at goal…i may have squealed a little bit.

serious face. this is not a sponsored post, just thought i’d share with you what makes a yummy caramel latte if you’re a fan of a mug full of sweetness


11 thoughts on “a caramel latte

  1. Hot drinks and a tartan shawl are a must in this weather – we spend our time on the side of the hockey pitch rather than the football, but it isn’t any warmer!

  2. I don’t like tea or coffee but I love a caramel hot chocolate with lots and lots of cream! I bet it is just the ticket after football. I love the autumn season for such yummy treats. x

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