somethings #11 {sparklers and a checklist of sorts}

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just a few things that got ticked off the old checklist this week:

– getting stupidly excited over the sparkler pics your camera takes…so excited that you and your sister were having so much fun that you didn’t realise the kids had had enough and gone in…! CHECK. also realising afterwards that Low was doing her L’s the wrong way the whole time…what a dope!

– failing big time at making treacle toffee. CHECK. even hoping that a couple of days in the fridge would sort it. only for it to still be way too gooey. it tasted like treacle toffee though, does that count?

– being asked “are you trying to be frenchie?” and then being told “you look like some sort of cleaner” because of your hairstyle. CHECK. buuuut, how cool was frenchie in grease?!

– doing the first ‘pick your son up from high school’ run…but the whole way there thinking ‘he better not be pulling a fast one ‘ere!’…CHECK. for the record, he was ill

– phoning the office to tell your boss you are late because there is a bat hanging by the front door to the office and you’re absolutely positive it’s about to attack you. CHECK. it so was

– knitted, yes KNITTED your very own hat. AND gave it a pom pom. #rocknfekinroll

– FINALLY admitting to that time when you were pregnant and made a whole tray of millionaire’s shortbread and ate the whole lot. straight away. in one sitting. all to yourself. s’ok though, you were pregnant. CHECK. felt good to finally get that out there ;)

what have you ticked off the checklist this week?!

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