…that time we were in hollywood, robbie…

robb surf bench (Medium)

“he’s a quiet lad, but put him on a stage and he loves it!” is something we’ve heard said a few times about Robb.  and his first parents evening following his first term at Dinas Bran was no different.

so when Paul mentioned he’d heard they were auditioning for young actors for the new star wars film this month, Robb was like “yup, I’m there!”.

the auditions were all Robb could think about in the car that morning…

within five minutes we were both like, yeah! it’ll be awesome! we’ll go to the London auditions! we’ll read through the script.  you might meet the other stars!  and then a little pep talk started; you gotta be confident Robbie! show them what you can do…etc. etc

within ten minutes we were like, oooooh mai goooooood. i wonder where exactly you’ll be filming?! oh my God, you will get to see soo much of the world with all of the other films you’ll be in!  you’ll have your own trailer and everything!!

within fifteen minutes Robb was like,  i’ll buy us all a massive house!  you can have a hot tub…hell no, you can have TWO hot tubs!…and a new car…whatever you want, mam!

…he even told his cousin when he saw her as we were getting out of the car that he was going to be in the new star wars film!!

…and then we came home and googled it…they’re looking for an actor who is 18 years or older…they didn’t have to know the script or anything about star wars…just bring along a photo of yourself and have a chat.

…but just for a bit, we were there weren’t we Robbie? you’d made it and we were all in Hollywood, living the dream boi bach…living the dream…

serious face: but if you are a film producer or something like that reading this…get in touch! ;)

funny face: AS IF a film producer or something like that would be reading this little blog of mine!! pah!

serious face again: dear film producer etc.  he has had a good hair cut since this photo was taken!

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