gorgeous george and the unidentified unsinkable underpants {part 1}

i know!  try saying that after a few, eh?!

gorgeous george

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

anyway, we were kindly sent the above book by my little big town ltd to review.  it tells the story of george, allison and kenny who are off to loch ness to take part in the world porridge championships…{as you do}…but what is up with the strange behaving locals?

so, taking on his serious role of ‘reviewer’, here are robb’s very own words on the book:

“i thought gorgeous george and the unidentified unsinkable underpants was very good.  i liked the main characters, george, allison, kenny, hamish and grandpa jock.  i liked the idea of having a porridge competition.  george’s poem* was very funny!  at times, the story got scary but mostly it was very funny.  but, why is it called the unidentified unsinkable underpants when there’s no unsinkable underpants in it?  anyway, the book is exciting and full of adventures.”

whether the answer to his question will be in part 2?, who knows.

we were chatting about the book after he’d written his review and i asked robb if he had learnt anything from the book.  his answer?  that going for a ‘jobby’ in scotland means to go for a poo!  so there you have it.  educational as well as full of adventures! ;)

*a snippet from the poem for you {it’s about a ‘jobby’ named jeremy…be warned}:

the attack had begun.

the war had started.

and it all kicked off

when wee robbie farted.

jeremy dived,

to avoid the crush,

reinformcements were coming

so he swam with the flush.

there was something going on

in that weird mind of robbie’s

because he’d created

an army of jobbies.

and it goes on and on…my fave bit might just be about the jobby and his muscles, packed with sweetcorn! ha!

so yes, in my eyes, a perfect book for boys! ;)

serious face: we were sent the book for free for the purpose of this review and all words are our own.

a big diolch to my little big town ltd x

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