somethings #11{love letters and leaves}

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…do you write/receive love letters to/from your other half?!  as in proper hen-fash hand written letters?  not a text, email or, god forbid, a fax!  a love letter.  if you do, then here’s a fat high five.  i mean, i’ve received one {one! *hangs head in shame*} in the past.  does a hilarious and naughty ‘while-the-parents-are-away-invite’ count?!  well. it will have to!  otherwise i wouldn’t have received ANY!  so, i’d love to know whether you’ve got some stashed away somewhere in a secret drawer or something.

{speaking of drawers…anyone ever have a ‘bottom drawer’ when you were growing up?!  because i never and i kinda wish i had.  not sure why exactly…anyway…}

going back to love letters, do you even write just ‘a letter’ to a friend, family,  etc.?  i send the random one to friends and i like to think {i hope!} it makes their day like it would mine if i was to receive one.  it’s sometimes a ‘saw this and thought of you’ kind of thing.  this isn’t a hint by the way…but, ya know…if the mood ever gets to you, feel free! ;)

the reason for this whole post is that i left a message on the fridge for paul today with our scrabble magnets.  a nice soppy one…but finished it with PS – TIDY THE KITCHEN and it got me thinking about proper, full of romance love letters.  so, yeah, that was that.


hands up if you have ever been walking along in your own little daydreamy world, looking up at all the leaves falling around you…for one of them to fall and nearly LAND IN YOUR MOUTH?!…did it wake you up you as much as it did me? that’ll teach me to be daydreaming along a lane instead of sat at my desk at work…

and then it was friday!

have a great weekend, we’re off to the Wales Rally GB and fingers crossed a lie-in, hopefully! x

One thought on “somethings #11{love letters and leaves}

  1. I received one from my ex one but got my first one earlier this year from my current boyfriend as I requested one from him! It was lovely though, I’ll keep it forever.

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