see? it pays to comment

scarf  (Medium)
^^ never too sure what to do with my hands…awkward…^^
scarf 2 (Medium)
^^ so, i’ll just jump about instead! ^^
scarf collage2
^^ the hands! again!…^^

a couple of weeks back, i commented on a blog post which was reviewing some goods they had received from presentsformen. a few days later i received an email asking if i would like to do a review too. so, seeing as it was ‘presents for men’ i looked reeeeeaallllyyy hard {i didn’t…} for something for paul, but then spotted this gorgeous scarf!  look at all those cute birds.  i write this the same day as i SAVED A ROBIN’S LIFE BOBOL! {but that’s another post in itself, so look forward to that one ;) }.

anyway, the scarf.  it’s all birdy, colourful, fresh, chirpy and will probably go with most things in my wardrobe {yay}…as well as making me take photos with awkward hands in them.  and for £12.99 it’s a good price, too.  it’s also a biiiig scarf.  bigger the better, de?!

presentsformen {as you’ve probably realised from this post!} don’t just sell presents for men, they sell presents for everyone and there is all sorts to choose from.  i also {cheekily!} put some graffiti pens in my basket too, i just need to get some plain t-shirts for us all so that we can review them properly…or ruin t-shirts with if my ‘art’ is anything to go by…

moral of the story: commenting on blogs is good, you might just get something out of it!

serious face: i was sent this scarf as well as the graffiti pens free of charge for the purpose of this review.  all views are my own…so are my awkward hands, unfortunately.

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