somethings #12 {…or should that be sometimes}

snowy  (Medium)snowy 5 (Medium)

snowy 4 (Medium)



…sometimes the weathermen actually get it right!  they said snow and snow it did!  even if it was all gone by the afternoon.

…sometimes rolly will sneak off up to our bed in the morning and when i go fetch him because it’s time for me to leave, he will look at me with his eyes as if to say ”are you really going to make me go back into the kitchen?! but look at me all snug and cozy here.”…

…sometimes because of said snow {and ice} i will forget to turn off my rear windscreen wiper.  and having got over my fright of the cracking/snapping sound, i will then continue to swear, tut at myself and look for the wiper in the freezing cold dark.  also thinking ”paul won’t believe i have done this AGAIN!” {this could be the fourth time}.

...sometimes i find alf sleeping soundly and holding on tight to his teddy.  this miiiight just also turn me into a heap of mush by his bedside.

…sometimes i find a photo of robb and think ”flippin ‘eck he’s just soo handsome!” and then ”shit! i’m very nearly a mam to a teenager!”…

…sometimes a friend decides for her birthday she wants us all to dress up as 1970’s bridesmaids.  J U S T B E C A U S E.  the more minging the dress, the better.

…sometimes i have high hopes for the cake i’m baking for that party…and instead i just end up laughing {bent over, hands between my legs, a la jenny chips! [my mam]} at my creation instead!

…sometimes i say “i’m not going to drink a lot tonight…” and then look into my shopping basket to see a bottle of bacardi and some mojito mixers…

see you on the other side!

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