i had such high hopes for this cake…

space hopper cake

i wanted to stick with the party theme {1970’s bridesmaid…or something or other…!} with this cake, so i googled ‘popular toy in the 70’s’ and incase you haven’t realised what the cake is yet…it’s a space hopper!  it didn’t turn out EXACTLY as i had imagined it would in my head…but it did give me a giggle!  and it tasted good! oh so good.

anyway, if you are ever wanting to make a space hopper cake {believe me, i didn’t think i would make one of these…but when i get an idea in my head…}, here’s how i did it:

i made some cake mixture : cracked open and weighed four eggs, then added {to the same weight as the eggs} butter, then caster sugar, self raising flour and a tablespoon of milk.  mixed it all together and poured half of the mixture into my hemisphere cake pan and baked it at 150 for what seemed like an age…but i think it was around a good 45 mins.  repeated this again with the other half of the mixture.  {or duh, you could just buy two cake pans…why didn’t i think of that?}

when both cakes had cooled completely, i stuck them together with a lot of raspberry jam.  i made enough butter icing to cover the whole cake {which is a lot smaller than what it seems! doh}. iced it all over and put in the fridge to set, before icing it with another layer.

for the handles i used a stick of twirl cut in half and iced them.  for the face, using a knife i drew the face on and then painted over my knife lines with melted dark chocolate.  G E N I U S.

and ta daaaaaaaaaa!  one space hopper cake DONE!

i think next time i will use ready rolled icing instead of butter icing.  *crosses fingers and hopes that alf will want a football cake for his birthday!*
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12 thoughts on “i had such high hopes for this cake…

  1. I LOVE THIS LADY (OK I’ll stop shouting now but I’m so excited) nothing better than a space hopper….but there is. An edible one. You are amazing! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

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