you know there’s a school fair on when…






you’ve got peanut butter in your hair, chocolate sprinkles all over the floor and alf ate a lot of the chocolate fudge icing…doesn’t feel too good for some reason…

but hey! it’s all for a bloody good cause,  to raise funds for the school.

i made the easiest peanut butter and chocolate cookies known to man.  you don’t believe me?! check them out for yourself, see here.  4 ingredients, people. FOUR.  and gluten free for those of you that are interested.

worth noting i used smooth peanut butter and didn’t have any light brown sugar in so used golden caster sugar and they turned out perfectly fine…or so i think anyway! not had any complaints as yet!

i also made chocolate fairy cakes and smothered them {and my little ‘helper’ alf so it seems} in chocolate fudge icing and finished them off with chocolate sprinkles and crushed hazelnuts.

robb ‘helped’ by eating all of the one’s i had put to one side for paul…

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