somethings #13 {over coffee}

alf cutest date ever

if you were at mine now and we were drinking coffee, or wine…hell, pour yourself a mojito if you want, these are a few of the things i would be telling you right now:

…that i FINALLY got round to finishing my florence sweater. i’ve had to undo it once and start all over again. i took some photos to show you but i can’t help but look at them and think that i look like a right lemon!  the sweater looks great though!…
…that alfie had a dental appointment yesterday and i’m not happy about it all {long storyand i would probably tell you very quietly what he said about his dental surgeon afterwards…!}
…and by the time we got to wrexham for said dental appointment, alf and i had perfected the ooohh oooh ooOOh ooh’s in the song ‘Norgaard’ by the vaccines.  Simon Cowell, call me.  we’re available.
…that opening the door to find my sister in her onesie with a huge glass of wine in one hand and that smile that says ‘let’s drink some wine and have a giggle’ is the best way to end the day.
…how alfie has asked and asked to take a packed lunch to school with him this past week because he wanted to sit with those who also take one.  so when he finally took one, he told me would leave it on his hanger and eat it after school.  #igiveup
…that the other night i had to explain to lowri that it’s not ‘rare of the year’, it’s ‘rear of the year’…i kid you not.
…that i have screamed and swore at what i thought was a dead mouse at the bottom of the stairs…only to find out it was one of alf’s dinosaurs on it’s side…
…that i baked with peanut butter for the first time this week…and the following day, even after a shower, i could still smell the stuff sat at work!
…that i downloaded the one direction album for the bois *cough*
…i have also downloaded a new book – and i’ve got high hopes for this book.  i’m not rushing it.
…that robb and i think that rolly might actually know a lot more Welsh than we give him credit for.
…and that i have had to explain to alfie that you can’t go to school in fancy dress just because you want to. and, yes alf, i know it isn’t fair.
…how much i love the new song by rizzle kicks
…that i’m slightly worried about my mam…and how she also called someone off the telly a ‘knob’ last night without realising…robb, dad, mam and i haven’t laughed like that in a long time!
…AAAND last but by no friggin means least, that i can’t wait to get away for the night with paul this weekend.  christmas shopping // curry // comedian // few more drinks.  in that order. bring it on mr lowe xx


5 thoughts on “somethings #13 {over coffee}

  1. Oh, wish my sister could knock at the door in her onesie with a big glass of wine but she’s all the way in Australia! Laughed outloud at your meltdown over dinosaur .

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