annwyl sion corn…


{dear santa…}

this year i would really really really like tokens of sorts allowing paul and i to bugger off every now and again for a night somewhere. just the two of us. that goes a little something like this:

– maybe a day activity {shopping}
– and a late afternoon glass of wine in a pub before heading back to the hotel {just because we can and not because we can’t get into our hotel because the fire alarms are ringing and there are fire engine’s outside…}
– a meal out with no one whinging that they would just like a bowl of porridge for tea
– and a comedian who comes on stage in his vest and y-fronts and whose every other word is fuck, fucking or for fucks sake {jason byrne you were awesome, diolch!}
– finished off with a couple of pints of guinness afterwards

not much is it? thanks.

oh and i’ve been a really really really good girl. i can knit and everything now! ;)


PS – there’s a really nice macbook air in the shops these days too…

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