somethings #14 {hot chocolate moustaches and reindeer}

a few photos from our afternoon at betws y coed christmas fair last weekend. i really have tried to keep photos to a minimum but hey, when the kids you are with are too cute for school then photos are a must.

^^ C O N C E N T R A T E don't want to fall over...again! ^^
^^ C O N C E N T R A T E robbie…you don’t want to fall over…again! ^^

first stop was roller skating, which we thought would be an ice skating rink and got stupidly excited over it! alf managed about five minutes and clung to me the whole time…WHICH WAS FUN, hence no photos of alf on roller skates.

and then a hot chocolate and a stuff-as-much-food-in-your-mouth-as-you-can snack…

alf and harry hot choc

robbie x

we told the reindeer the fastest route to our house…


and then we spotted the bubbles…!!







and then caught a small train…


before catching the not so much bigger big train!…





and then we all headed home with chocolate moustache’s {the bois bach}, aching ankles {me, but it was worth it, roller skates!}, no shopping bags {sorry gwen!}, some fake snow still on our heads {alfie} and determined to find an ice skating rink next time…!

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