somethings #15 {tom thumb and my fave hat yet}

it was the week that…

^^ ladies & gents, i give you tom thumb ^^


 ^^ i know, i know! too cute! ^^



^^ true ^^




…i made a new friend called tom thumb and immediately after taking a phot of him, i slipped and fell over.  tom thumb had obviously seen enough by this point and carried on eating his grass…

…robb taught me how to eat a cream-filled-finger-donut {or whatever you call them!} properly…

…alf was joseph in the school nativity!  and he could speak clearly!…someone’s been stringing his mam along with the whole ‘i can’t close my mouth properly so you will have to feed me like a sparrow’ shananigan!  and mary was the giggliest mary ever.

…i stalled the car.  not only did i just stall the car.  but i stalled the car in front of robb and his school mates! oops!  he asked me afterwards ”did you actually try to do that to embarass me?!”…unfortunately not robb, i just still can’t fekin drive properly!

…alf taught me how to eat a croissant.  alfie style.

…the tree went up at work.  but there is no angel on the top.  oh no, not in this office!  there is string tying it to the beam above so that it doesn’t tip over!  #classy

…after a few hints {read: a lot!}, dwys finally got herself a knitted hat! and it only bloody matched her new jumper!  i wonder if she will wear it to the pub tonight…we’re only going for one  *repeat to self: no more than three, no more than three, no more than three drinks*

…this is the same week i thought i would  go without alcohol.  i lasted two days.  two days.  shameful.

…rolly came to work with me because we were getting new windows fitted.  not only new windows, but  a new RED FRONT DOOR!  not everyone is a fan yet, but i love it.  anyway, roll came to work with me so that he wouldn’t annoy the window fitter…so instead he annoyed each and every delivery man that came here!…

…the sky threw some awesome shapes and colours.  i’ve never seen it so pink! i kept expecting a unicorn to appear from somewhere!

…and i may have just knitted my favourite hat yet!

here’s to a weekend of buying stocking fillers, a few last christmas prezzies and probably another salted caramel and cream latte to help along the way…

“no more than three drinks, no more than three drinks, no more than three drinks” ;)


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