when it all comes together and makes a lovely christmas tree

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our tree.  a mish mash of all things that are just lovely.  those that are gifted, those that have been handed down, those that were birthday presents and i couldn’t find a place to put them and then suddenly, the tree comes out and i have the PERFECT place for them!  the one that’s a result of me reeeeally wanting a penguin for christmas a couple of years back…! and not forgetting those that the bois bach have made in school.

and those which have a story behind them.  my favourite story is the one behind the peace cushion {top photo}.  one you may have heard already but it’s christmas {and my blog, so my rules!} so i’m going to tell it again.  a couple of years back my auntie received a call from the local post office regarding the money that was still sat in our nain and taid’s {grandparents} savings account who sadly passed away years back.  after discussing with all of the aunt’s and uncle’s, they decided to buy a little something for every grandchild with the money left over.  and this is the result.  a gorgeous little something to put on our tree every year as a reminder of our nain and taid.  i absolutely love it and every year since, when it comes out of the decorations box, i smile thinking of them and their snowman they had on their fireplace every christmas.  without fail.

…and then there’s the one that reminds me of the film ‘polar express’.  looking at you bells, looking at you. love that film.

christmas, let’s do this!

22 thoughts on “when it all comes together and makes a lovely christmas tree

      1. Aaawww,lyvli cer,dwi hefo un fi gan anti di hefo,proudly taking its place ar y goeden nadolig bob blwyddyn!! And who could forget that snowman (wel y yellow snowman er yn diwedd) lyvli memories I will always cherish xxx

      2. Ie, oedd y cradur yn troi melyn erbyn y diwedd doedd! Ond di cal good innings de! Dwi di bid yn edrych am un i rhoi fyny yn ty ni, bu rhaid i mi cal un wknd yma xx gobeithio fod pawb di gwella xx

  1. Gorgeous tree and so many beautiful decorations! What a lovely story about your Nain and Taid. I’m also a huge fan of Polar Express but can’t seem to persuade my (slightly older) children to watch it any more :(

  2. That’s a lovely story behind your favourite Christmas ornament! :) This year my three-year-old chose her very first special Christmas ornament (a bunny!), we plan to do this each year :)

  3. It’s a gorgeous tree – I love it when all the decorations have a memory attached – and that penguin is just so cute!

  4. I love that peace cushion especially! Oh your tree is looking ruddy lovely – now crack open the cava – IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAAS!

    *dances round in circles to Slade*

    Have a brilliant Crimbo and thanks for joining in so much this year – you are a gem x

  5. Love all your decorations, especially the moss green bauble in the top left of your first photo (I’m a sucker for anything green). The story behind your peace cushion is lovely :) Decorations with meaning are the best! Have a great Christmas!

  6. What a beautiful way to spend the money! I love ornaments with a story, and one day maybe that is all I’ll have on our tree, but for now we will settle with store bought snowflakes! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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