are you ready?!

source: pinterest

You have NO IDEA how much I would love to say that the above picture is something I took in my kitchen earlier…but sadly not, just an image I found on pinterest, I’ve pinned it..and will probably do nothing else with it. But the thought is there.

Anyway, Christmas 2013! Are you ready? We are…nearly.

There are presents wrapped under the tree for friends and family…and more to be wrapped once we are definitely sure the bois bach are fast asleep and not peeking!

We have a turkey…no pudding {yet}…but a turkey. You’d think a top TOP supermarket {which we never go to but hey!, because it’s Christmas, we do…} would have a decent pudding to sell for probably the biggest day of the year, but no, not this supermarket. #sortitout

There is wine poured, but let’s be honest it doesn’t have to be Christmas for this to happen…so yeah, wine poured and a box of quality street open. Definitely Christmas!

There are cards bought ready to be written…with two days to go.

We can’t find our Christmas music albums. Paul says he has no idea where they’ve got to…but I’m not too sure…

And there is darts on the telly! Not only that, but Phil Taylor has been knocked out. Get. In.

…have I mentioned that I think I’ve got a bit of sellotape stuck in the back of my throat? nice.

So, come on, are you ready…and where did you get your pudding from?!

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