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robb skateboard colour

alf by the river

”a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014”

robb | i wish he’d jump to do his homework as much as he jumps on his scooter…

alfie | he didn’t have ANY words {and that says a lot when it comes to this little one…} when we stopped to watch the river following the recent storms. ¬†standing on the iron bridge and watching it rush beneath us made us all a little dizzy!


living arrows

19 thoughts on “1 / 52

  1. These are fantastic photos.
    I’m not sure I could watch my children doing stunts on a scooter, I’m such a wimp I’d be telling them to be careful all the time.
    The second photo is adorable, he looks so cute.
    (you should link these up to the Living Arrows project on Iheartsnapping.com this Monday.)

  2. Ooh your entertain a project 52 fab photos . good luck! They are fab photos. You should link up to I heart snapping, we are doing a project called ‘Living Arrows’ once a week on a Monday- it is all about childhood. These would be perfect. Happy New Year lovely. x

    1. And a happy new year to you too! I’m going to try and stick to it for the whole year…and yes, join in with you all at i heart snapping as much as possible!! Luck indeed us needed! X

  3. Wonderful, atmospheric stills, you’ve really captured the action in the first and I adore the pensive look on your handsome son’s face. Lovely post x

  4. I love the light in both pictures and the first one is just scary. I think I’d have a heart attack, if I had to watch Amy do stunts on her scooter…

  5. Both such gorgeous photos. Love the look of contemplation, and high five for managing to get a mid air shot, it’s fab.
    Thanks for linking up to Living Arrows. x

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