fairy lights…for when you don’t quite want it to end so suddenly




i read this post the other day and at the end i was like “yes, yes and YES!”.  i don’t want to get rid of it all juuuust yet, either.  it’s all so bare when you take every single christmas decoration down, isn’t it?!  so, seeing as the evenings are still getting dark very early {don’t even get me started on why we put the clocks forwards/backwards…why?! as if the long winter nights aren’t hard enough on us, we have to cut more daylight out of our day…aaaanyway…}, as i was saying, as the evenings are still getting dark early, i have decided to keep the fairy lights out above the fireplace.  where they will sit and brighten up the living room until…when?  i’m not sure yet.  but for this month, at least.

have you kept any christmas decs out?  {and i don’t mean by mistake…there’s always that one decoration left hanging somewhere for a while, isn’t there?}, i mean because you wanted to?

4 thoughts on “fairy lights…for when you don’t quite want it to end so suddenly

  1. Cer, I leave one decoratin up most years!! I have tinsel above my dresser in the living room and the ‘ho ho ho santa’ still hanging on my front door from 2012! This year – guess what I left my purple fairy lights up above my fire place!! Great minds and all that :) xx

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