psst! need a new mascara?! read on…


i should probably start by saying i love mascara, i mean i proper LOVE the stuff.  i am that person who puts some on to go to the shop to buy milk.  i can remember the first time i tried it…love at first sight.  girlfriends have laughed at me whilst being searched at the airport {routine search, honest!} when five different mascara have fallen out of my bag.  it’s serious.




so, like i’ve already asked, need a new mascara?!…because maybelline new york’s ‘the falsies volum’ express mascara’ is where it’s at!  a nice big thick curvy brush which flares my lashes out perfectly.  hello lushious lashes!

i treated myself to some new false eyelashes {millie mackintosh’s} before christmas…but seriously, since i bought this mascara, i’ve not felt the need to put the falsies on.  although i did have a  play about with them whilst our new years eve dinner was cooking…err, hello burnt veg!  that’s not a reflection on the lashes at all, just me who got excited about them and forgot all about tea! oops.   i am going to try them out soon though…just need a date or something to go on…hint hint mr lowe!

so there you go.  a highly recommended mascara.  and my first ‘beauty’ post {if you can call it that?!}eek.   have you got a favourite mascara?  please tell me, because i can talk about this stuff all day.

{serious face: i wasn’t sent this mascara or paid millions for this review…but it’s mascara and i love it and i wanted to share it with you}

18 thoughts on “psst! need a new mascara?! read on…

  1. i love mascara too. used to use it all the time but i am now more of a pink and red lipstick girl. when i do wear it though, i am a l’oreal voluminous girl. have been wearing the stuff for decades. i must say though… i think i will try this maybelline you are so raving about. btw, you have lovely eyes.

  2. I’m in the can’t-live-without-mascara club too. Maybelline is always a good option, but have you tried They’re Real by Benefit? I just bought some at Christmas and I think it might be my favourite. Oh, and Benefit’s Eye Bright is an absolute winner too. I swear I’m not sponsored!

  3. Can I ask what sort of brush this has? I use the Covergirl Lash Blast (Orange one) and I am reluctant to try anything else because I love its big, fat, thick brush so much!

  4. A fellow mascara addict! Hurrah! Still don’t think I’ve found the holy grail of mascaras yet HOWEVER I am really liking the classic Max Factor 2000 Calorie at the moment. Gives good lashes and doesn’t cost the earth so, so far, it’s a must have. However…you have tempted me to give this little wand a go, so watch this space! ;-)

    P.S You eyes look amazing and as always, I’m a massive fan of your beautiful pics.

  5. For some reason Maybelline and CoverGirl both stop working for me. I used to LOVE this mascara and then found the 3D Fiber Mascara by Younique and became hooked!

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