robb | he is loving the ‘stargazing’ programme on tv this week.  so much so, it was hard to get any sort of conversation out of him.

but when he did talk it was to discuss onesies.  “so mam, you know that some people wear these as their every day clothes…”  don’t even THINK about it, bach.  just.  don’t.

alfie | him and his dinosaurs…amongst other figurines.  i could watch and listen to him play with these all day.

alf has got himself into a right tizz at bedtimes this past week.  i was cuddling him one of these nights and asked him why couldn’t he sleep.  he answered ”i just want to talk to somebody all of the time”…don’t we know it alf, don’t we know it!

52-250px                              living arrows

11 thoughts on “2/52

  1. Mine got onesies for Christmas and have practically lived in them since! Thanks so much for linking up with Living Arrows. I really love seeing other bloggers with older kids, I think they’re much harder to photograph! x

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