after what feels like forever, we had sunshine on saturday!

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bois bach + new laser guns + a forest = #winwinsituation

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the weather has been blimmin miserable lately, hasn’t it?!  bored of all the rain and wind now, thanks very much.  oh, and if someone could do something about the early dark evenings too, that would be awesome, diolch.

so more weather like we had on the weekend on order please.  there were clear blue skies and sunshine all day.  ALL DAY!  and then as if it new monday was coming, by 2pm on sunday, it went all miserable again.  booooo.

but back to saturday.  you know it’s gorgeous weather outside when you don’t even have to tell the bois bach to get dressed {well, apart from alf…that’s work in progress, that one}.  and before you know it you are on your way up the forest with your sister, two dogs and a bunch of kids.

and you don’t even care that you are there for hours.

but get reminded by freezing cold hands being shoved under your jumper with a ”mam, i soo need a hot chocolate with squirty cream on top when we get home!”.  but before you make it home you have to drag a load of wood back that the kids have decided to paint and sell {lord sugar, get in touch}.

…which is still sitting on the drive and the rain has washed off all the paint…

kids, eh?!

bonus points if you can guess the film low and i are {ahem} acting out below:

DSC02507 (Medium)



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21 thoughts on “after what feels like forever, we had sunshine on saturday!

  1. It looks like so much fun – enjoy that sunshine! Today is our first day in a long time without rain, and we’ve already been out in the freezing cold once, and plan on going out again later – love it.

  2. A lovely trip out in those trees, it gives you such a feeling of space. I’m guessing the film is star wars, although it also kind of looks like something out of gladiators!!

  3. No one puts Cerys in the corner!

    Ha ha you nutter ,you’ve brought a smile to my face ! Seeing this has made me think maybe if I take the kids into the woods with their nerf guns that they might loose the bullets and my bum will be safe to roam the house fearless…. you reckon?

    Thanks for joining in and sharing again – your photos always scream happy to me x

    1. love your opening line annie! high five! oof, shot in the backside is not a good feeling at all, that’s coming from someone with experience, so yessss, get out in the woods! enjoy!

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